CLAAS Service and Parts starts warehouse expansion

CLAAS Service and Parts starts warehouse expansion

CLAAS Service and Parts is investing almost 22 million Euros in the expansion of its central parts warehouse in Hamm-Uentrop.

"With this investment we will brace the parts logistics center for the future growth of the CLAAS group. The expansion will not only give us additional storage room, but also allow an extensive restructuring of storage processes. The focus is to meet the high demands of our customers with our spare parts service", says Dietmar Düsing, Head of Logistics and Member of the Board of CLAAS Service and Parts.

The plans for the biggest expansion so far are in full swing. "On an area of around 11,700 square meters, we are going to build a fully automatic high rack for pallets, crates and steel containers. The building will be about 30 meters high and will have nine alleys offering space for an additional 56,000 pallets", explains Sven Wagner who is managing the project on the part of CSP.

The contract with the company "Unitechnik" was signed on March 9, 2018. The ten million Euro deal was negotiated with the help of Corporate Purchasing. Included in the contract is the construction of the automatic storage with an electric suspension track as well as the picking spaces. Rüdiger Mohr, Head of Corporate Purchasing on the new general contractor: "The firm Unitechnik from Wiehl has been among the leading suppliers of industrial automation and computer science for more than four centuries." And Ulrich Timcke, Speaker of the CSP management adds: "For projects like this, a good partnership is absolutely crucial."

According to Sarah Knödler, Corporate Purchasing for Non Product Related Material, additional parts like the floor plate and the picking and storage hall will be assigned in the near future.

The central CLAAS spare parts warehouse has been based in Hamm-Uentrop since 1999 and supplies all CLAAS machines worldwide with spare parts. Back then, there was already an emphasis on expansion possibilities. The warehouse was gradually extended over the past ten years in order to store the increasing amount of spare parts and deliver them to the customer as quickly as possible. The amount of part numbers increased from 80,000 in the year 2000 to almost 180,000 today, with the number still trending upwards. Along with that, the spare parts turnover of the CLAAS group grew from 152 million to roughly 700 million Euros.

The project team, from left: Sven Wagner, Yusuf Kaya, Dr. Ralf Lüning, Ulrich Timcke, Michael Huhn, Torsten Ley, Dietmar Düsing, Rüdiger Mohr und Sarah Knödler.

Draft: This is what the expansion is going to look like.