Pentas production staff visit Harsewinkel

To strengthen and promote the joint business relationship, the production staff of Pentas Moulding visited the CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH (CSE) in Harsewinkel. The initiative came by the supplier, who wanted to understand processes and problems at CLAAS and give his employees an understanding of CLAAS.

CLAAS has had a business relationship with the Dutch plastics specialist for 15 years. Pentas is a group supplier which delivers to the locations of Harsewinkel (DE), Bad Sauldau (DE), Hamm (DE), Le Mans (FR), Metz (FR) and in cooperation with Custom Rotor Mold Omaha (USA). The company has gained a reputation as an extremely innovative and motivated supplier. Together, weight and cost savings as well as optimised logistics concepts are developed. Entire tank systems for JAGUAR, LEXION, TUCANO and XERION are supplied to CSE. The supplier also assembles attachments or accessories and performs the entire leakage test. In addition to tanks, other components such as assembled mudguards or tailgates are manufactured for CLAAS. 

On 17th May 2017, 15 Pentas employees, including 13 from the Production department, visited the plant in Harsewinkel. A tour of the production facilities took place here, which specifically focussed on Pentas products and followed the production flow of the tanks. The tour was given in Dutch so that no information was lost.

The visit aimed to familiarise those present with CLAAS processes and emphasise the importance and necessity of high product quality for CLAAS and its customers. Demonstrating production requirements and operating conditions motivated the production staff to continuously improve the already stable product quality.

At the end of the event, Pentas employees presented an image with a photo of the tanks, the logos of both companies and personal thanks: „Pentas is thanking CLAAS for a long-lived partnership and the opportunities to exchange production experience. CLAAS and Pentas share a passion for manufacturing excellence.”

Pentas production staff visit production in Harsewinkel on 17th of May 2017