CLAAS Purchasing Organisation


CLAAS Purchasing follows the target to acquire the best suited suppliers to enhance its capability network (customer, supplier, employee). It secures M-EPT (mutual earned preferential treatment) of suppliers to achieve better than market cost, innovation, quality and logistical performance.


CLAAS Lead Organisation

At CLAAS, Purchasing is structured in the form of a multi-dimensional matrix and linked with other functional areas. It consists of Corporate Purchasing, the purchasing organisation of the various sites and the intersite proFIT-Teams.

  • Corporate Purchasing Harsewinkel

Corporate Purchasing ensures a uniform procurement policy across the entire group. This is where principles and guidelines for purchasing are developed, strategic problems in supplier management are solved, process optimisations are created and purchasing services as well as projects of the product companies are supported. more

  • Site Purchasing of the Product Companies

The decentralised purchasing departments ensure the efficient supply of all product companies with goods, investments and services. Apart from negotiating good conditions, they strive toward obtaining the best possible product and supply quality. more