Corporate Purchasing controls and coordinates the purchasing activities of the CLAAS group worldwide. Alongside the uniform strategic direction, this generally includes consolidation of requirements and the development of all synergies in purchasing, procurement and logistics. Corporate Purchasing reports directly to CLAAS KGaA mbH management in Harsewinkel.

Main themes:

  • Strategy
  • Commodities management (proFIT Teams)
  • Purchasing of non product related materials, investments and services
  • Purchasing of logistics services
  • Global supplier management
  • Product cost optimisation
  • Purchasing intelligence (purchasing systems / controlling)


The purchasing board meeting forms the connecting link between operating purchasing and headquarters. Within this body, the Heads of Purchasing of the CLAAS Group decide on purchasing principles, strategies, objectives and the consistent worldwide market image.

Agreement with the remaining group areas, such as quality, logistics, R&D, production, procurement and strategic production planning, as well as the mutual exchange of information and harmonisation of strategies, is ensured by the Corporate Supply Council.