CLAAS Innovation Portal

CLAAS innovation management is supported by a software-based innovation platform in order to include received innovation ideas in a structured form and systematically process them.

Selected suppliers – "VIPS“ – Very Innovative and Productive Suppliers – obtain personal access to the portal which enables them to enter ideas in their name.

A free idea without reference to a topic stipulated by CLAAS can be entered in the open campaign. These ideas are then assigned to corresponding technology teams who follow them up.

If CLAAS is looking for a special solution for a topic area, a project- or a technology-specific campaign is created to which suppliers are invited on a case-related basis.

The innovation area is discussed with CLAAS experts during subsequent "idea concretisation" and commented on. This improves the quality of the idea which is adapted to CLAAS' framework conditions.

A final evaluation determines whether this idea is to be pursued further in the form of a project.

Your contact person

If you have an interesting idea or would like to take part in the CLAAS innovation process, please contact your buyer or send an email to