Suppliers' Day 2019

Suppliers and Claasianer from all over the world met in Harsewinkel to attend the Suppliers' Day of the CLAAS Group.The presentation of the "Supplier of the Year Awards" proved to be a highlight again.

The winners of the Supplier of the Year Award 2018 are:

Total winner: Pentas Moulding B.V., Almelo, Netherlands

Pentas received the award for the total winner ( The Dutch company has developed together with CLAAS a process in which a fuel tank with significantly reduced wall thicknesses is designed without losing the necessary strength.

Quality: Agrostroj Pelhrimov A.S., Pelhrimov, Czechia

Agrostroj supplies weldment assemblies to CLAAS ( The Czechian company convinced CLAAS with an outstanding quality performance.

Further nominees in the category Quality are:

Frielinghaus GmbH, Germany (

Würth Elektronik, France (

Logistics: Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H., Maria Lanzendorf, Austria

Gebrüder Weiss ( specialises for CLAAS in transports to Eastern European and Central Asian countries. The company received the logistics award for the particularly high flexibility of the transports and the strong innovative ideas.

Further nominees in the category Logistics are:

Dowaldwerke, Germany (

Grimaldi, Germany (

Innovation: GF Casting Solutions Leipzig GmbH, Leipzig, Germany

Georg Fischer ( was characterised by a strong and proactive input of ideas in the design of components and the associated high level of materials expertise. The company operates successful development projects together with CLAAS.

Further nominees in the category Innovation are:

OSLV, Italy (

Pentas Moulding B.V., Netherlands (

Service: Mekra Lang GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Mekra Lang ( supplies different product companies of the CLAAS Group with mirrors and received the award due to a very high delivery reliability.

Further nominees in the category Service are:

Buisard, France (

Sauter, Germany (