Information about the CLAAS supplier evaluation system

Standardised evaluation criteria and uniform evaluation software enable the regular assessment of CLAAS suppliers with regard to efficiency and co-operation. In so doing, operational and strategic evaluation criteria involving the factors quality, logistics, costs, innovation and motivation, are combined to an integrated supplier evaluation.

Operational supplier evaluation:

Operational criteria such as the observance of quantities and deadlines, product quality (ppm) or the rate of failure are continuously evaluated and analysed, based on process data provided by the system. These criteria, referred to as “hard facts” serve as a basis for decisions in respect of the initiation of measures for the maintenance of quality and uninterrupted service.

Strategic supplier evaluation:

In addition to the operational supplier evaluation, a comprehensive assessment of strategic suppliers of the CLAAS Group is performed once a year, across all relevant sites and functions. The individual perspective of the various CLAAS product companies with the views of different business areas such as Quality Management, Research and Development, Logistics and Purchasing are directly taken into account in the evaluation process. On the basis of standardised evaluation catalogues, CLAAS employees at the sites assess the supplier’s performance against the background of the requirements of their specific department.

In connection with the operational “hard facts” these so-called “soft facts” result in an integrated evaluation of strategic CLAAS suppliers. Both the strengths and the areas of improvement, with regard to performance and co-operation, of these suppliers are largely objectively pointed out. Deriving from this, the cross-functionally structured proFIT teams (see Purchasing organisation) can arrange for the targeted further development of the most efficient suppliers.